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List of Forum Submission Websites and Tips To Make Links on Those Websites



Forum backlinks is an underrated backlink strategy because the forum links get deleted after some time.

It is an easy method of building links and you can build a ton of quality links for your website.

This is an easy process and there are no tricks to follow while building links with this method.

There are some tactics to find high quality forum sources and those tactics will also be mentioned after a while.




How To Find Forum Backlinks Sources?

Finding the forums is not an easy process, we will give you the list of forums on which you can make links, but almost every webmaster uses Foot Prints to find forum sources. The foot prints that every webmaster uses to find forums are as follow:



  • "Your Niche" + "Powered by Vbulletin"
  • "Your Niche" + "Powered by Phpbb"
  • "Your Niche" + "Powered by MyBB"

These are some foot prints that help in finding the forums, now you can find forums in your niche by following these foot prints.

Secondly there are unlimited websites in forums category that you can use in your link buiding campaign.


List of Forum Websites To Make Backlinks


This is the list of websites that you should use to make backlinks and here it is:



This is the list of some websites and make sure to insert link in the profile section so that you can earn some high authority profile links.


The lists are updated regularly and you should visit our website daily so that you can find new resources of building links.